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The way we help entrepreneurs and business owners grow their business, increase their sales, boost their profits, reach their full potential and have the business they have dreamed of in the quickest time possible is through several means.  Please see below what they are and how they can benefit you and your business.


 One-on-One Consulting

This is where the founders Gary or James work privately one-on-one with you and create a strategic plan of action, figure out exactly what you want your business to do for you and then develop systems, strategies and funnels that will allow you to achieve this and grow your business in the quickest time possible.

This is what they love doing, its where they are at their best but due to the intense time and effort that is involved in doing this they are very limited to the amount of clients they are able to take on and therefore are picky when it comes to who they work with and have a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met in order for them to take you on as a private client.

If you are serious about wanting Gary or James to work with you one-on-one and develop a plan to grow your business to where you have always wanted it to be please contact us.


 Group Training

The group training has been one of the most effective means for many entrepreneurs and business owners to grow their business to the level they have always wanted it to be.

The training consists of creating a custom plan of action that will grow your revenue, increase your profits and make you the ‘Go To’ company in your industry in the quickest time possible, whilst helping you gain FULL control of your business and giving you more freedom.

It is done in small intimate groups and offers the chance to not only have help directly from Gary and James to implement the plan in your business but also the ability to hear questions from fellow like minded entrepreneurs and business owners about what they have been doing in their business to grow it and then adapt the ideas and do the same in your business.

It has even offered the chance for some entrepreneurs and business owners to collaborate together and create a business venture that would have never been possible if they were not part of this group training.

The group training is limited and by application only.  All applications are reviewed and members are handpicked by Gary and James.



The workshops are only ever held a couple of times a year and it is where Gary and James help you go deep in exploring new ways to get more customers or clients, increase the average sale, and create a steady stream of back-end revenue in your business.

These workshops are very hands-on and are specifically composed of small groups to allow Gary and James to work individually with you and help you craft highly responsive marketing systems in attracting more sales and leads in your front end, making irresistible offers, conversion funnel processes, back-end sale sequences and much more.

They are always intensive step-by-step workshops that allow you to leave with a crystal clear blueprint to immediately start implementing in your business.


 Training Programs

This is one of the newest ways that we have started to offer our systems, strategies and tactics to entrepreneurs and business owners.  The training programs are delivered in various media’s such as books, guides, audios and videos and they go deep into specific areas in how to grow your business most effectively.

With some of the most effective strategies outlined in these programs they have become the place for business owners to turn to as a resource.