Would You Like Us To Help You Bring In An Extra 10 Or Even 20 Kitchen Jobs A Month, For Free?

From The Desk of Gary Michaels & James Michaelsg&j
London, UK
October 2016

Dear Kitchen Business Owner,

Would you like us to help you bring in an extra 10 or even 20 kitchen jobs a month so you can scale and grow your kitchen business quickly?

If so, we’d like to offer you the opportunity for us to personally help you bring in a windfall of new design appointments and new kitchen sales.

We are one of the best at what we do and believe if you are at the right stage in your business we can help you double or even triple your revenue and profit — and we want to present our strategies on how we would do this at no cost to you.

Now, we know this sounds hard to believe, but as you’ll see we back up everything we promise you so please read on.

Here’s How It’ll Work…

First, we want to give you the exact strategies that are working right now in the kitchen industry to help you bring in more revenue right away.

There’s no charge for this and it only requires a 30-45 minute phone call and this will be directly with one of us personally and not with a member of our team.

See, we work with kitchen companies across the UK and help them generate more appointments and sales each and every month, so we know the strategies we’ll be sharing with you are working right now.

And during this consultation, we’ll walk you through all of them.

From, how to get more, high quality design appointments, more specifically, how to get ones without any price resistance.  How to convert more of your design appointments into kitchen jobs and how to position yourself as the ‘GO TO’ kitchen company in your area.

There’s No Charge For This
and There Is No Catch

…which of course leads you to wonder “Why would you do all this work for free?”

Well, in the interest of full transparency, this is how we get clients.

Typically at the end of your free consult, once we’ve shown you the rock solid strategies for generating more design appointments and revenue, 1 of 2 things will happen.

1.  You’ll love the strategies and decide to go away and implement them yourself. And in this case we’ll wish you the best of luck and ask you keep in touch to let us know how you’re getting on.

2. You’ll love the strategies and ask to become a client so we can take care of it all for you and you can profit from the strategies ASAP.

If this is the case, we might ask you if you want to become our exclusive client for your county/city.

In the event that happens and we do decide to work together after your initial free consult.  We’ll get our team to immediately start implementing the strategies for you.

The cost? NOTHING!

You only pay on results.

Everything is done on a performance basis so you only ever pay per kitchen design appointment we send you.

Meaning, your results are guaranteed.

If we don’t send you any kitchen design appointments. You don’t pay us anything. Which is why we say the cost is nothing.

So there really is no way you can lose with this.

Plus as we only work with ONE kitchen company per county/city.  All the kitchen design appointments we send you will be exclusive to you.

As you can imagine, there is a HUGE DEMAND for this type of service, and at the pricing structure we just mentioned, we’ll lock out all the counties/cities across the UK and hit full capacity very quickly.

And that’s why we need you to read this next part carefully:

This Is NOT For Everybody.
Here’s Who We Can Help:

It’s simple.

We can’t (and won’t) talk to just any kitchen company when doing the free consult.

In order to invest our time and energy into providing you with the marketing strategies you can implement to grow your kitchen business on your free call, you need to meet some strict (but reasonable) criteria.

1. You must have a solid and established kitchen business already

This is only for kitchen companies that are already getting customers but want help to run a lot faster and a lot further. It is not for start-ups.

2. You must be a decision maker or the owner

There’s no point spending 30 minutes showing you whats working and how to do it, if you don’t have the power to action it.

3. You must offer kitchens to the main stream market

Our strategies work best for kitchen companies who offer kitchens priced in the 5K to 30K range.  Not to say it doesn’t work for selling kitchens for 50K or even 100K but it is most effective for the main stream market.

4. You must be eager to grow and expand your kitchen business

It’s only for a business owner who wants to become the ‘go to’ kitchen company in their city.  It’s no good us giving you the marketing strategies on how to get an extra 20 kitchen jobs a month if you only want 1 or 2 a month.

That’s it.  Those are all our requirements.

If you meet the criteria above… 

Here’s What To Do Next

First, let us give you a “taste” of what it’s like to work together by giving you the exact marketing strategies we’re using to get kitchen design appointments for our other kitchen clients right now…for free. 

And if you like that, then we can talk about accepting you as our exclusive client for your city. 

The way it works is simple.

To schedule your free strategy call, click the “Continue” button at the bottom of this page. 

You’ll be taken to a short questionnaire so we can get a better understanding of your kitchen business before we jump on the phone.

Don’t worry. It’s nothing intrusive or complex.

Just a little info on how your kitchen business is currently working and where you want it to be.

Here’s What Happens After That

You’ll then be taken to our calendar page where you can schedule a time for us to speak.  

Our entire focus is to give you the exact marketing strategies which are working in the kitchen industry right now, for free, and let that experience speak for itself.

It shouldn’t take you no more than 3 minutes to fill in the information and the call will take less than 30 minutes.

If after your free strategy call, you want to become a client and let us do all the work for you to fast track your results, great! If not, then that is absolutely fine too.

Remember: Submitting your request for a FREE strategy call does not obligate you to become one of our clients and you won’t get any pressure from us of any kind.

If you get value out of the help we provide and want to become our client, that’s great.  But there’s no obligation to do so.

Ready To Get Started?

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