7 Things You Should Know About Strategic Shape

1. Meet The Founders

Strategic Shape was founded by Gary and James Michaels. For the past 10 years they have been successfully building, growing and selling businesses across multiple industries and over this time developed a specialist set of strategies and systems. Their aim is now to help other business owners produce these same results within their businesses. Read More

2. Client Case Studies

This is a sneak glimpse into just some of the things Gary and James have done for their clients as well as seeing how they can uncover hidden assets, overlooked opportunities and undervalued possibilities in a business producing more sales, more customers and overall helping their clients multiply their growth and income in a relatively short space of time. Read More

3. Customer Winning Blueprint

If you’re looking for actionable strategies to gain more customers or clients without having to break the bank to do it, grab a copy of Gary & James’ book The Customer Winning Blueprint. You’ll learn the 5 aspects behind how they propel ANY business towards boosting more customers or clients and how, by following these steps, you can quickly become unbeatable in your market. Read More

4. How We Can Help You

Gary and James help entrepreneurs and business owners who want to accelerate their growth, increase their sales, boost their profits and ultimately get their business to where they want it to be.  They do this by personally helping a business owner on a one-on-one capacity or via a business collaboration process. Read More

5. Our World Of Business

There are many strategies, systems and tactics Gary and James use but their core principal when implementing any of them is to hold each and every one accountable for bringing back a return.  This allows the client to feel certain that everything they’re doing is working towards their success so there are never any ‘cracks’ occurring whilst growing their business. Read More


6. 15-Minute Customer Getting Plan Download

Get the free report called ‘The 15-Minute Customer Getting Plan”. This free report has been downloaded over 5,000 times.  In it, you’ll learn the 3-step process of how to triple your customer base without tripling your advertising spend and you’ll come away with a much more comprehensive and tangible idea on how to attract and acquire more customers or clients. Download it here free.

7. Our Blog

To keep up-to-date with some of our ideas, techniques and strategies we are working on along with ones which we have seen working from others, our blog is the place to go.  We try to update it as much as possible so it’s always a good idea to check back every week to see what’s new.  To see what we currently have up, you can view the Blog here.