The Lifetime Customer Value Concept

6 Reasons Why The Lifetime Customer Value Concept Will Multiply Your Business Results   Most of you know our two overriding business philosophies: 1. Continually innovate your product or service - plus your entire business operation. 2. Market continuously and relentlessly with powerful direct-response strategies. These are the two driving forces that will turn your business into an outstanding success, keep it at the top of your field, and make it almost totally immune from recession. Additionally, if you have a product of service that genuinely benefits ... Read more

How To Get More Stuff Done In A Day

#1 Technique To Get More Stuff Done In A Day Yesterday afternoon, I was on a scheduled client call to get an update on the progress he has made and to find out if any of the latest strategies we've implemented needed tweaking. However, unfortunately he said he hasn't had the time to get all of them in place because he has been too busy. Now, I can look at this as a good thing as it shows the strategies we've put in place are working but because I know ... Read more