Turn Any Online Stores Lost Customers Into Buyers

How to Turn Any Online Stores Lost Customers Into New Happy Buyers After helping hundreds of online stores get thousands of their lost customers back, we've seen a number of amazing things happen over the years. One store went from struggling to get just one of their old customers back to having hundreds of them ordering in just 7 days. After spending over 7 years perfecting our campaign we have managed to get it to work 3 to 4 times better than any other campaign online ... Read more

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Advertise Your Homepage

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Advertise To Your Homepage This is one of the things I see A LOT of businesses do so if you're currently sending your ads to your homepage, you need to read this article as I can tell you right now with almost 100% certainty you are losing sales because of it. We have tested and re-tested and re-re-tested this time and time again and have found that every time you send prospects to a homepage sales take a dramatic ... Read more

Strategic Distribution of Your Message

How Choosing The Right Media Can Double, Triple or Quadruple Your Sales Over the past few weeks, we have been talking about what is involved in making you stand out from the competition, generate the largest return from your advertising, gain more customers or clients and above all increase your bottom line. If you've missed any of the previous posts, I highly recommend reading them before reading this. Simple go to the following links to catch up: 1. What most businesses never think about [Part 1] 2. ... Read more

How To Convert More Sales

The Quickest Path To Generating More Sales Without Spending A Penny More On Advertising Last week, Gary wrote a post about an element which 80% of people rarely pay very much attention to.  You can read it here. Now, this week, I'm going to continue on from his post and talk about, the very first thing you should do before you even consider running an advertisement. Which is... Diagnosing and Quantifying Your Marketplace Before you can start putting pen to paper and craft your ad, you need to ... Read more

How To Increase Your Sales By 15.2%

How To Increase Your Sales By 15.2% And Leave Your Competition In The Dust Yesterday afternoon I was perusing Business Matters website and came across a very interesting article about SMEs in the UK. The article talked about a survey carried out which asked SMEs about the disparity between the planned marketing activity they have in place and the reality of actually completing it. The Results Completely Shocked Me! It showed that just 39% of businesses complete their marketing plan but to put it more worryingly a whopping 61% of businesses DON'T. Then ... Read more

How a Guarantee Can Increase Sales By 300%

How A Guarantee Can Increase Sales By 300% But Most People Get It Wrong Yep, 300% is really possible and I'm not trying to blow smoke up your kazoo. Ok. Let me explain. See, the word 'guarantee' is being thrown around a lot nowadays and practically everyone is using one, even the big boys are jumping on the band wagon and getting involved. (seen the Sure adverts?) But now here's the thing, I rarely see one done RIGHT. If you think about it, whenever you ask ... Read more

The Most Common Marketing Myth Busted

The Most Common Marketing Myth BUSTED! Don't fall into this trap. Traditional marketing advice says "keep your sales message short.  People don't want to read stacks of information about your product. They haven't got the time.  Nor are they interested."           But this is wrong.  The very opposite is true. You should tell as much as you can about your product or service, in every piece of marketing you put out. Think when you last bought something.  Isn't it true you were interested in ... Read more

Most Overlooked Strategy To Increasing Sales

How To Gain A Competitive Advantage Over Your Competition By Knowing Your Market Sophistication Level Last night, I was round my parents to catch up with them and see how they've been. Now, if you’re parents are anything like mine you may notice a regular occurrence happen every time you see them, there always seems to be some kind of 'problem' with their computer. And last night, was no different for me.  However, it reminded me of a... Strategy That Many Businesses Completely Forget! So I get round ... Read more

30 to 50 % Increase In Sales When You Add This…

How To Increase Your Sales By 30 To 50 Percent When Adding This One Key Element To Your Advertising Have you ever seen an offer that was just too good to be true, you know the ones where you see it and you automatically think - 'Ok, so what’s the catch?' (like the one above). I know I have seen these too many times. Let me give you an example of one which happened to me recently... A few weeks back, I was in the office ... Read more