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Being in e-commerce for 7 years and in charge of over 20 online stores, I’m very familiar with running marketing campaigns as we often run campaigns ourselves so I have to admit I didn’t think Strategic Shape’s marketing would do any better than anything we’ve previously done before. But after seeing their campaign bring in 118 new sales that generated £6,490 in less than a week we were extremely impressed. I’m completely blown away and I’d highly recommend everyone use them.Matt, Marketing Director
We’ve been doing our own marketing for approximately 6 months, our response was pretty low and we were not getting a return we would have liked. We decided to use Strategic Shape’s campaign and were surprised at how many sales came in straight away. We’ve produced 4x more sales than anything we’ve ever done and our up and coming events are full thanks to Strategic Shape’s campaign. I’d definitely recommend giving them a try as they’ll certainly increase your sales. Thanks so much for all your helpGarry, Circuit Manager
I’ve been doing my own marketing for years and have previously tried other marketing companies’ that have only ever produced very poor results so I wasn’t convinced Strategic Shape would be any different. However, when we rolled out their campaign, I was shocked on how much response we got. We generated £1,350 in profit in the first 10 days of working with them. To date this has been one of the most effective marketing campaigns we’ve ever used. It’s nothing short of amazing. Thanks so much.Peter, Managing Director
I’ve been building my customer database for years but never knew how to get the most back from it and at the same time do it in a way that wouldn’t annoy them. When Strategic Shape introduced me to their re-activation campaign, it was so different than anything I would have thought of doing, I decided to give it a go. The results have been amazing. I got a number of sales immediately from it, plus it has got me back in touch with a number of large company contacts who have committed to using our service soon. Overall I’m extremely pleased with the campaign and am looking forward to running it again later on in the year.Peter, Managing Director


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Estate Agent
Case Study

Estate Agent Sees An 800% Increases in Response From One Ad and Now Has the Largest Landlord Database Out of All Their Competitors (All achieved in under 8 months) 

The Situation: This client wanted to increase the volume of landlords on their books, but were struggling to convey the right message to effectively attract landlords to do business with them over their competitors.

The Solution: We helped refine and develop a more powerful marketing campaign.  We came up with a benefit driven offer which directly resonated with landlords making them compelled to take action. The client had an existing advertising contract in place with the local newspaper, which was the perfect opportunity to do a comparison test. When the new advertisement ran, the result was an 800% increase in response.  It was tested multiple times, achieving the same excellent result each time.

The Results: The estate agent saw an 800% increase in sales from new advertisement, created the largest database of landlords, resulting in their most profitable financial year to date (beating the previous year in just 8 months).  The client is now looking forward to for us helping them replicate this success by rolling out a complete systemised marketing plan across multiple media.

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Electronics Sector
Case Study

Stagnant Electronics Company Grows By 150% in 6 Months And Obtains FREE TV Exposure

The Situation: Due to the hyper competitive nature of the electronics industry the client was struggling to consistently grow year-on-year and came to the conclusion that the only way to increase sales was to expand their product range, despite it heavily effecting their cash resources.

The Solution: We analysed the company’s sales and noticed that the majority of their revenue was coming from one product sector.  We advised and helped them discontinue all other product ranges quickly (which allowed them to be more cash rich than their competitors).  Furthermore, by positioning them as the experts in this product field, the client saw an immediate 25% increase in sales.

From there we focused on bringing in more sales and took two different angles, one aimed at attracting the B2B audience for the larger orders and the other aimed at the B2C audience for smaller orders and we used a combination of different mediums to attract both these criteria’s.

Then in order to streamline the smaller orders, we built an e-commerce store for the B2C audience.  This developed exposure for the client which generated more demand for the B2B marketplace, resulting in 125% increase in sales within 6 months.

We also trained their salesforce on how to best convert sales from telephone enquiries and how to naturally and more efficiently follow up with enquiries.

The Results: Through implementing a processing sequence, the client was able to free up valuable cash resources, generating greater exposure in their market, with free TV coverage, securing contracts with large government bodies, resulting in growing their business by 150% in just 6 months.

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Wholesale Distribution
Case Study

In 3 Months Wholesaler Increases Leads By 2,500% And Now Sells Out of Entire Product Lines in Under 24 Hours

The Situation: This client wanted a more effective way to keep in contact with prospects and customers, to sell their stock quicker, but do it without having to invest heavily in expensive software or lowering their prices.

The Solution: From studying the clients competition, we recognised people had to open a full account to see the entire details of wholesale offers.  After surveying the clients database, we found this was a pet hate for the customers and discovered finding wholesale deals was their primary focus and concern.

So from this understanding, we streamlined the process to allow people to see the clients deals, whilst still being able to gather their details in a much more friendly way.  The customers could see the deals and their client was still able to build a database and keep in regular contact with them about any other offers they had available.

In this case the marketing was mainly done online due to the cash resources the client had available at the time.

As a result, the first deal made available completely sold out in just under 2 hours.

The Results: In the space of 3 months the client went from generating 150 new members to just under 4,000 new members and developed a much more effective way to sell stock.  The business has grown by 130% and now gets over 1,500 visits every time they contact their members and this number is increasing month-by-month.

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Furniture Retailer
Case Study

Furniture Retailer Gains More Than A 300% Increase in Sales And Takes Larger Market Share in Just Under 5 Months

The Situation: The client wanted to increase its market share but was struggling in ways to do this without lowering prices to undercut the competition.  They had tried, without success to do this in the past.

The Solution: We helped them position their company in line with what the customers wanted, which at the same time helped differentiate the client from their competition.

This positioning was made noticeable throughout their entire website, along with adding more trust elements in the key areas.  We created a video to automatically play on the website, which addressed the customers hot buttons and gave a compelling reason why the customer should choose them over anyone else.

These changes resulted in a 300% increase in overall sales.

We also implemented a cross-sell and up-sell system as well as a review system to get more feedback on their products and a risk reversal promise.  This increased the average order value and resulted in a 20% increase in profit per order.

The Results: An increase of over 300% in actual sales and a 20% increase in profit per order which has resulted in the client seeing more sales in 5 months than they had compared to the entire previous year.

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Home Pet Market
Case Study

Struggling Pet Website Increase Profits By 67% And See Record Sales in a Single Day Despite Increase in Competitors

The Situation: The client had just paid a marketing company to design them a brand-new website, with stylish graphics, a new logo and fresh product shots, all in the hope the modernisation would help increase sales.  Unfortunately, it didn’t.  They were struggling to work out why and had came to the conclusion it was down to an increase in competitors so came to us for help.

The Solution: From analysing the website and understanding the customers hot buttons, we focused on making sure we drilled home the key points which the customer wanted to know and placed this information on the appropriate pages for maximum effect.  This initial change resulted in an immediate jump in conversion by 200%.

We then implemented further elements on the website including security visual aids, which were missing through the ordering sequence and this helped achieve a 37% increase in conversions.

After this, we concentrated on the marketing aspect and used appropriate marketing messaging in the advertising mediums they were running to drive people to their website.

The Results: By increasing the effectiveness of their advertising and website, the pet company saw record sales in a single day and were able to increase their annual profit by 67%.

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