Case Study: Norfolk Kitchen Company Attracted 117 People From Facebook, In Just 5 Days

Case Study: How A Norfolk Kitchen Company Attracted 117 Local People Looking To Buy A New Kitchen From Facebook To Their Website In 5 Days So in our last case study we showed you the core strategy to generating qualified kitchen design appointments using educational based selling.   [Read It Here] - How a kitchen retailer generated 24 design appointments in just 30 days by giving away free information   After sharing our results we had a few skeptics that it could be done again: Challenge accepted! So ... Read more

Kitchen Case Study: Educational Based Selling

Case Study: How A Kitchen Retailer Generated 24 Design Appointments In Just 30 Days By Giving Away Free Information Today we're going to show you EXACTLY how Neil, a kitchen company owner from Cheshire gave away free information to generate 24 design appointments, and bring in a windfall of extra sales. In just 30 days. Can you do it as well? Absolutely! Keep reading and we'll show you how. Okay.  Let's get down to it. Take a look at the results Neil achieved between 21/07/2016 and 21/08/2016 that ... Read more

Kitchen Case Study

Case Study: How A Kitchen Retailer Generated £61,750 In Just 30 Days By Giving Away Free Information Wonder how Darren, a kitchen retailer from Norwich generated an extra £61,750 in sales in one month? The answer is – Educational Based Selling. Can you do it as well? Yes you can! Keep reading and we'll tell you how. We all try to increase our income and get the cash flowing. In most cases, we rely on familiar systems and try to do more of the same, ... Read more

Turn Any Online Stores Lost Customers Into Buyers

How to Turn Any Online Stores Lost Customers Into New Happy Buyers After helping hundreds of online stores get thousands of their lost customers back, we've seen a number of amazing things happen over the years. One store went from struggling to get just one of their old customers back to having hundreds of them ordering in just 7 days. After spending over 7 years perfecting our campaign we have managed to get it to work 3 to 4 times better than any other campaign online ... Read more

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Advertise Your Homepage

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Advertise To Your Homepage This is one of the things I see A LOT of businesses do so if you're currently sending your ads to your homepage, you need to read this article as I can tell you right now with almost 100% certainty you are losing sales because of it. We have tested and re-tested and re-re-tested this time and time again and have found that every time you send prospects to a homepage sales take a dramatic ... Read more

6 Successful Social Media Campaign Strategies

6 Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign Strategies Need Social Media strategy Ideas? Simply use any of these ideas I’ve put together for you and you’ll never run out of a social media idea again.  After scaling the social media world and testing multiply strategies in a range of different industries ourselves we have found that these are 6 of the most successful social media campaigns to run so they'll work in your business too. Now, social media is becoming a strong part of businesses marketing ... Read more

3 Clever Facebook Hacks

3 Clever Facebook Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Your Fan Page Over the past few years, it's been getting harder and harder to get your message out to your fans on Facebook. So much so, Facebook even come out and publically said only 16% of your fans, ever see your posts (and that was a couple years back). Now, this number has been reported to have halved to 8%, which is why people have started to give up on using Facebook altogether. But All Is ... Read more

The Lifetime Customer Value Concept

6 Reasons Why The Lifetime Customer Value Concept Will Multiply Your Business Results   Most of you know our two overriding business philosophies: 1. Continually innovate your product or service - plus your entire business operation. 2. Market continuously and relentlessly with powerful direct-response strategies. These are the two driving forces that will turn your business into an outstanding success, keep it at the top of your field, and make it almost totally immune from recession. Additionally, if you have a product of service that genuinely benefits ... Read more

Strategic Distribution of Your Message

How Choosing The Right Media Can Double, Triple or Quadruple Your Sales Over the past few weeks, we have been talking about what is involved in making you stand out from the competition, generate the largest return from your advertising, gain more customers or clients and above all increase your bottom line. If you've missed any of the previous posts, I highly recommend reading them before reading this. Simple go to the following links to catch up: 1. What most businesses never think about [Part 1] 2. ... Read more

How To Get Customers To Choose You

How To Get More Customers To Choose You Over Your Competition Regardless of Price In this weeks post I'm going to show you how to create your ads to stand out, generate more enquiries, leads and sales and beat your competition regardless of price. Now, let me show you some ads which I’ve literally just pulled straight out of a national newspaper which was sitting on my desk this morning and a yellow pages which is laying around in our office to help demonstrate ... Read more
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