About Our Company

    Gary Michaels and James Michaels are brothers and the Managing Directors of Strategic Shape and have become one of the most in-demand lead generation and marketing experts for local based businesses.

CWB-Cover    They are the authors of the Amazon 5-star rated marketing book ‘The Customer Winning Blueprint’ which outlines the approach they take on growing a business and how by doing the polar opposite to what most businesses do allows you to grow a lot faster and a lot further.

    To date, over 4,000 businesses from all over the UK and across the world have learned and implemented the marketing systems they have developed to create hundreds of millions in NEW sales, NEW opportunities, and NEW revenue streams for their business.

    As a result of the personal help they have provided, on average their clients see a growth of 75% over a 12 month period.

    Plus with their unique ability to help local businesses grow, they have been able to build relationships in areas where most can’t. One being with Facebook.


Picture Taken At Facebook’s London HQ

    They are now regularly invited by Facebook to attend exclusive events and meetings and are given special insights into the Facebook platform which has allowed them to help their clients utilise Facebook to its full potential.

   But here’s what really makes them different and why most local businesses want to work with them over anyone else.

    With their combined experience of over 23 years being in the trenches, dealing with the road blocks businesses face and collaborating with companies such as Motorola, nPower, Aston Martin, Ford, Kodak,  BBC, Hitachi to name just a few.

    It has given them the knowledge of knowing the EXACT strategies and systems which work and which ones don’t to successfully scale a business and dominate an industry quickly.

    So with their experience of ‘been there, done that’, it has given them an unparalleled advantage over any other marketing company.

    In addition, they’ve worked and helped local based businesses in a whole range of industries which has exposed them to hundreds of different marketing strategies and tactics that has given them the ability to show their clients how to take different success concepts from different industries and adopt them to their specific business.

    This has given their clients a powerful advantage over their competition.

    One of their most recent ventures involved helping an up and coming rock band launch their new album.

    From the strategies they implemented, the rock band were able to get featured on The Live Lounge on BBC Radio 1 and secure their biggest ever recording contract with one of the largest record labels in the world – BMG.

    So if Gary and James’ strategies work for a rock band.  They most definitely will work for your local business.

    If you’re 100% committed to growing your business right now and are determined to do what it takes to get there, Gary and James will create you a marketing plan that will make it happen for you.

Managing Directors

Gary Michaels
Managing Director
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James Michaels
Managing Director
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