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How To Increase Your Sales By 30 To 50 Percent When Adding This One Key Element To Your Advertising


Have you ever seen an offer that was just too good to be true, you know the ones where you see it and you automatically think – ‘Ok, so what’s the catch?‘ (like the one above).

I know I have seen these too many times.

Let me give you an example of one which happened to me recently…

A few weeks back, I was in the office and I get a call from a blocked number on my mobile phone.

I immediately think, ‘Cold Call’ but I still reluctantly pick it up and on the other end a voice says…

“Hello sir, how are you today?”.

Bam! I’m Right…

Its a cold call.

Now, my guard is up and all I’m thinking is I need to get rid of him as quickly as possible.

“I’m fine, who is this?” I reply.

“I’m calling from XYZ (cant remember the company) to offer you a free Nokia mobile phone”

“No thanks, I don’t need a new contract” I replied, thinking that would be the end of the call.

But then his reply…

Took Me Completely By Surprise…

He said…

“No sir, I’m not selling you a price plan or anything like that, we’re just offering you a free Nokia phone, would you like one?”

So now that immediately peaked my interest but at the back of my mind I’m thinking ‘Ok, so what’s the catch, this sounds way too good to be true’

He continues to say “You can use it as a back up, just tell me where to send it and its yours.”

Now, the only thing I’m thinking is…

What’s The Catch?

So I ask…

He replies “We’re just running a special offer where people can get a Nokia phone without a SIM card for free”.

Now, I’m convinced, this is 100% a scam, he just wants my details to take out a loan or whatever it is these ‘dirt bags’ do with your details, so I just tell him no thanks and hang up.

In this instance, I do still believe it was some type of scam.

But what if it wasn’t, what if it was a legitimate company just offering an absolute killer deal and that killer deal was…

Inevitably Losing Them Windfalls Of Sales, All Because
They Were Missing One Important Element…

And that was… a reason why.

Think about it.

Whenever we make a decision, whether that is to simple go to the gym, go out to meet friends or make ourselves something to eat.

We subconsciously and sometimes consciously (like what happened to me on this call) will have a conversation play out in our minds to help us validate whether to actually do it or not.

And when it comes to parting with our hard earned money or even for us as businesses owners to do something that will take up our valuable time, we tend to have a lot of questions.

Think when you last made a decision, what questions did you have? And what reasons did you give yourself to actually do it?

Then have a look at your own business, look at every sales letter you’ve sent out, every advertisement, brochure, flyer, TV ad, every webpage you’ve published, every sales call you’ve made.

Do You Provide A Believable, Legitimate And
Compelling Enough Reason WHY People Should
Buy or Do Whatever It Is You Want Them To Do?

You know, things like…

A reason why your product or service is more superior than others? Why is it more advantageous? Why should I buy from you rather than a competitor? Why are you offering 50 percent off, or 80 percent off?

Why? Why? Why? Your customers or clients are yearning to know your reasons-why.

If you don’t, then you’re leaving an untold amount of sales on the figuratively speaking table.

We’ve seen some of our clients produce anywhere from a 30 to 50 percent increase in sales when providing a powerful reason-why.

So What About Your Marketing? Do You
Include A Reason-Why?

When you do, make sure it is compelling, it is tangible and it is believable.

If you tick all these boxes, you’ll give yourself a much better chance of standing out from your competition while simultaneously helping to build your creditability and generating you more sales.

I hope you found this useful, I’ve really enjoyed writing it for you.

Please leave me your comments and any experience you may of had with this below. I’ll do my best to reply to as many as I can but I can assure you that I WILL read each and every one of them. 


James Michaels




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