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5 areas to help grow your business
Here are the five areas we focus on to grow your business

1 Unique identity through innovation

You have to clearly understand and be able to articulate why your customers want or need what it is you are selling before you can tell them WHY you are the obvious choice for them to buy from.  

Your identity is in essence your sales argument. Therefore it needs to be a detailed, specific, factual argument about your business that answers their needs, concerns, frustrations and desires.  

Our unique process called the Discovery process does this by building your company’s unique identity to distinguish your business from your competitors and make people come to the conclusion that you are the best and most logical choice to do business with.


2 Strategic sales messaging

The second area is communicating your unique message within your advertising and marketing to grab your prospect’s attention, make them want to listen and actually take action.  

Your ability to effectively communicate what you do makes all the difference between a marketing piece that works and one that fails.  

So we work with you to ensure every communication you have with potential customers or clients says the right thing and makes them want to do business with you and only you.

Our C.E.M.A formula is the critical piece that makes this happen and allows us to create all your advertising materials so they produce the highest return on investment.

3 Build a systemised selling process

This area is about systemising your sales and marketing processes so you capitalise on every sales opportunity. We do this by strategically creating sales tools designed to do most of the heavy lifting during the sales process to help increase your sales conversion rate. 

Having systems and processes in place that do this turns even the weakest member in you company’s sales team into closing 2, 3, 5, or 10 times more sales.


4 Prospect nurturing system

The fourth area is about developing a systemised process to continuously nurture prospects and give them enough information so that when they finally do become ready to make a purchase, they instantly choose you.  It’s this process of systematisation that allows more of your company’s energy and resources to be spent on closing sales, not juggling leads.  

We work with you in developing and creating this system in a cost-effective and easy to manage way using what we call our conveyor belt system.

5 Maximise and optimise key areas

The fifth and final area is about utilising your business’ assests and finding opportunities to make your business perform to its full potential.  

By brokering marketing alliances, developing systems to generate more sales from existing customers or clients, creating referral programs, working out optimal marketing budgets, building year round marketing campaigns, implementing up-sells, cross-sells, premium products or services are just a few of the strategies to implement to maximise your growth.  

We’ll work with you to devise and build every kind of marketing strategy into your business, starting with the ones which will produce the biggest results, in the shortest amount of time.



These are the 5 areas we focus on and the 5 areas we use to build a bespoke marketing system for our clients so they can gain more market share, increase their profits and ultimately become the market leader in their industry.

If you’d like to know what areas you should focus on in your marketing and what strategies and systems to create, simply schedule a free marketing breakthrough session with us today.

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