Case Study: How A Norfolk Kitchen Company Attracted 117 Local People Looking To Buy A New Kitchen From Facebook To Their Website In 5 Days

So in our last case study we showed you the core strategy to generating qualified kitchen design appointments using educational based selling.


[Read It Here] – How a kitchen retailer generated 24 design appointments in just 30 days by giving away free information


After sharing our results we had a few skeptics that it could be done again: Challenge accepted!

So today you are going to learn how a kitchen company in Norfolk used Facebook to attract 117 people to their website and generate 5 design appointments.

In just 5 days.

The Results

Out of the 5 design appointments they have (so far) converted 2 into customers which has generated £21,000 in revenue. 

Can you do it as well? Absolutely! Keep reading and we’ll show you how.

Everyone has become obsessed with Social Media and whenever you talk to people they say…


biz-man“My business is on all the social media sites. I’ve got a zillion fans”


They put it at the bottom of their email footer.  On their business cards. Website. Flyers. Ads. Their commercial vehicles and practically EVERYWHERE they can think of.

And it’s become kind of a competition between business owners of ‘Who’s Got The Biggest?’ 

Get your mind out of the gutter people.  We’re talking about who’s got the biggest number of FANS.

Don’t get us wrong. Having a big fan base on Facebook is great as it builds trusts and is good for social proof.


If you want to use Facebook as a tool to generate kitchen design appointments…


Getting ‘Fans’ Shouldn’t Be Your SOLE Strategy


Lets explain…

According to some studies Facebook now only show your new posts to JUST 6.51% of your fans.

Here’s the latest chart we could find showing the decline over the last couple of years. It’s a little old but you can see where the trend is heading…


Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 14.41.56


This now makes getting your posts seen by your fans no longer as easy as it once was.

This move of only showing your posts to a small percentage of fans has been on the cards for some time and Facebook have good reason for doing it.

With them now having over 1.7 BILLION active monthly users.  If they showed every post, from every page a user is a fan of, their news feeds would be massively overloaded.

This is why getting fans should now be considered a by-product of your Facebook marketing strategy.

So with that said…



What The Norfolk Kitchen Company Did On Facebook


First you no longer can think of getting FREE traffic from Facebook.

Them god old days have come and gone. Just like Google back in the day (and if you think SEO traffic is free. Think again. If you do it yourself, time is money).

The best (and only) root now to get in front of your potential customers on Facebook is to run ads.  And this is exactly what we did with our Norfolk kitchen partner.

From our testing over the past decade of advertising with Facebook we’ve learnt A LOT. 

One being, it’s fairly easy to run up a substantial bill if you don’t keep an eye on it (don’t ask us how we know).

Secondly and more importantly. When you advertise on Facebook make sure you target your ideal audience.

It’s very easy to get lured in by the amount of people you CAN target and think “more the better” but this is rarely the case with Facebook.

So we made sure we only targeted the most ideal people who would be potential customers to make sure it worked.

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target-audience How Did They Attract 117 Targeted Kitchen Buyers?


The answer is: Educational Based Selling.

Instead of offering potential customers with a free consultation, design plan or brochure straight away.  We sent them to an article that helped them make a more informed buying decision when getting a new kitchen.

Why? Because prospective buyers yearn detail.

Why do you think people watch the news? Why do you think people read newspapers? Why do you think people pay to receive monthly magazines? Why are you reading this case study right now?

Because you — and they — are HUNGRY for information.

We all want to make a wise buying decision and not get drawn into parting with our hard earned money for a shoddy or insufficient kitchen that we’ll regret.

And with TV shows like Rogue Traders, Watchdog and Cowboy Builders constantly putting fear in people’s minds, We are all more skeptical now than ever.

So the only way to prove to them that you’re the right company for the job and eliminate their fears is to first provide them with helpful information to build their trust and this is exactly what we did.

The ad looked like this:




The Secret Sauce For Generating 5 Design Appointments From 117 People in 5 days


Now we’re going to get into the good stuff — the stuff that separates you from the competition even more.

Smart marketers do the above step and do very well from it. However, the top 0.1% of marketers — the high earners — do what we’re about to reveal.

You don’t ever want to waste a marketing pound.

Once someone visits your website, you know they’re interested in getting a new kitchen.

Think about it.

Someone has stopped what they were doing on Facebook to go to your website. They are interested to the level that they are seeking you out.

Just because that individual doesn’t respond to you straight away doesn’t mean they aren’t going to buy a kitchen at some point. 

Luckily, technology has been made available to us to catch them almost every single time.

Here’s how you do it.

Tag “you’re it.”

When someone lands on your website there is a small piece of code you put on it.

This piece of code is called a “Retargeting Pixel.” 

It allows you to then display custom ads on Facebook to JUST the people who visited a specific page. 

In our case — the people who clicked on our ad to read the article.

Big difference now is these people have shown an interest in wanting a new kitchen (they wouldn’t have clicked the ad otherwise).

That’s why we introduce them to what we call…



The Re-Engagement Sequence


We knew these people were interested in getting a new kitchen. And we knew they had read our article. So we now wanted them to take the next logical step — to book a design appointment.

This is what a re-engagement sequence does.  It gently nudges them back to your business.

Plus as they had learnt some cool things about getting a new kitchen from reading our article.  We obtained their trust and positioned our Norfolk partner as an expert.

This put us in a much better position to now ask them if they want a design appointment.

The ad we showed them looked like this:





After running this one re-engagement ad for just 5 days and generating 17 clicks.  Our Norfolk kitchen partner received 5 design appointments.

Put into sales.

2 have so far converted into customers resulting in £21,000 in revenue and they still have 112 people to continue to run ads to on Facebook that will potentially turn into design appointments and sales in the months ahead.




Going the extra mile by giving them helpful information UP FRONT we were able to attract a much more qualified potential customer and using the retargeting approach allows us to continue to get in front of them when they are ready to take the next step.

That brings this case study to an end. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as we’ve enjoyed writing it for you.

This is a simple process that with a bit of work can generate a huge return for your business right now like it did for this kitchen company.

But you have to take action to succeed!

Give this strategy a go and let us know how you get on.

Gary Michaels & James Michaels
Managing Directors of Strategic Shape


NOTE: Would you like us to help you use this strategy to bring in an extra 10 or even 20 kitchen jobs a month, for free? Click here to find out more





Being in e-commerce for 7 years and in charge of over 20 online stores, I’m very familiar with running marketing campaigns as we often run campaigns ourselves so I have to admit I didn’t think Strategic Shape’s marketing would do any better than anything we’ve previously done before. But after seeing their campaign bring in 118 new sales that generated £6,490 in less than a week we were extremely impressed. I’m completely blown away and I’d highly recommend everyone use them.Matt, Marketing Director

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