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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Advertise To Your Homepage


This is one of the things I see A LOT of businesses do so if you’re currently sending your ads to your homepage, you need to read this article as I can tell you right now with almost 100% certainty you are losing sales because of it.

We have tested and re-tested and re-re-tested this time and time again and have found that every time you send prospects to a homepage sales take a dramatic nose dive.

So in this post, I’ll show you why this is, what you should be doing instead so you don’t lose sales and more importantly what you can do to increase your sales.

Ok, hopefully I’ve now got your full attention so lets get cracking.

Now, from our findings (and cold hard tests) we have come to 3 conclusions on why advertising your homepage loses you sales.

Here Are The 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Advertise To Your Homepage

1. Prospects Cannot Quickly Find What They Are Looking For

When sending prospects to your website, one of the biggest challenges you face is time.

None of us have much of it anymore and we are all in a constant rush to do things and the same goes for your prospects too.

Studies prove this as well.

The latest one I read (can’t remember where I read it) showed that we now only have 5 seconds to get a prospect’s attention when they land on our website.


Now with a homepage, there is a bunch of distractions hitting them right from the get go, all talking about different things and all vying for their attention at once.

So this makes it difficult for them to quickly determine whether or not the website can provide the ONE THING they came to it for.

Remember all it is, is just one click (or touch for tablets and mobiles) and off they go to your competitor.

2. A Homepage Mainly Talks About You (The Business) And Not The Customer

All homepages mainly focus on what you do and your business.

Now this is perfectly fine for people who have already heard about you and just want to know more about your business before they take you up on your offer.

But it is not the right time or place to be sending new prospects to because all they care about at this stage is one thing and that is ‘What’s In It For Me?’ and a homepage does not answer this question.

3. It Doesn’t Talk Specifically About The Offer You Made In Your Ad (BIGGY)

Now, from what we have seen, this is probably the biggest reason why sending people to your homepage loses you sales.

See, when you advertise, your ad talks about a specific offer and product or service you do (if it doesn’t, it should as you’ll get a much higher response from your ad).

So when the prospect reads that ad and then goes to your website, all they are looking for is more information about that offer you made them, they don’t care about how long you have been established for, where you are based or what else you have to offer them, they’re not interested in any of it.

All they want is more information about the offer you made them in your ad and that is it.

If they can’t see it on the first page they land on, they’ll leave. (remember the 5 second study).

So these are the 3 reasons why we believe (and have seen) that by sending people to your homepage loses you sales.

Ok, with that said, you’re probably wondering what to do instead so here goes…

What You Should Be Doing Instead

The first thing is, every time you create an ad and create an offer, you need to also create it’s own specific page which you send new prospects to.

Now, depending on what you sell, will depend on how you go about it.

Let’s take selling physical products for example.

We all know Amazon is one of the biggest players in this market so I’ll use them as this example (plus they are ruthless testers so you can learn a lot from seeing what they are doing).

So let me ask you this…

When you search on Google for a specific product and click on an Amazon ad, do you get taken to their homepage?

Your answer is no, right?

Instead you get taken directly to a page which has that product you were looking for on it.

The whole website is the same but they have just gone the extra step of doing the search on their website for you. Simple but very effective.

So if you are in the e-commerce game, make sure for every ad you create, you send the prospect to a page which is about that specific product the ad talks about and not your homepage.

Now, if you sell a service, it’s no different.

I’ll use selling Broadband for this example as it’s one of the most cut throat markets out there at the moment.

When you look for a broadband provider, not one of them send you to their homepage.

Talk Talk, Sky, Virgin Media, BT, all send you to specially designed pages which is most of the time completely separate from their main website.

Each page talks solely about the broadband offer they reference in their ad and how you can take it up.

So hopefully now this proves my point that sending prospects to your homepage will lose you sales.

If not, let me ask you this, if it didn’t work, why would these big players be doing it?

And before you think it, it doesn’t matter what you sell, what industry you are in or what type of person you sell to, creating a specific page about your offer will increase your sales. period.

We have yet to see one situation where it hasn’t given a bump in sales.

So if you’re just about to pull the trigger on running an ad to one of your offers, whatever you do, make sure to have a specific page for it. Your bank account with thank you for it. 🙂

Now, if you don’t know how to create a page that will convert. I recommend checking out the software called Leadpages.com.

They have a bunch of templates you can use which are designed to get the highest conversion and there’s no technical experience needed which is a huge plus.

We use them all the time now as their service is so much cheaper than having to pay web designers.  So it’s well worth checking out if you do need help with creating specific pages for your offers.

Ok that pretty much wraps this article up for today.

Hope you enjoyed reading it and please let me know what you think in the comments below. Let me know if you agree with what I’ve said or not. 🙂 I’d love to hear from you.

Talk Soon,
James Michaels




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  1. Julie Reid 5 February, 2015 at 4:24 pm

    I’m definitely going to try this. I sell one specific item and struggle with sales from the website. Thinking how best to change it… Thank you

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