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6 Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign Strategies

Social Media Campaigns
Need Social Media strategy Ideas?

Simply use any of these ideas I’ve put together for you and you’ll never run out of a social media idea again.  After scaling the social media world and testing multiply strategies in a range of different industries ourselves we have found that these are 6 of the most successful social media campaigns to run so they’ll work in your business too.

Now, social media is becoming a strong part of businesses marketing budget but when you get it wrong, it can be quiet costly (don’t ask how I know, lol).

So use these campaigns as your blueprint whenever thinking of running a social media campaign.

6 Social Media Campaigns You MUST Use

1. The Viral Effect

Every marketer hopes their social media campaign will go viral.

One of the most successful viral campaign examples has to be the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Now you may not be able to replicate their success (unless your little black book consists of hundreds of celebrities) but having a viral element to your campaign is a great use of capitalising on the social platforms.

Here’s a great example:

Harrys.com is an American luxury shaving brand and they launched their brand all from social media.

Their entire launch consisted of just two pages, a splash page where people could join to find out when Harry’s product would become available and the second page where the people who joined could spread the word (the viral element) and receive gifts depending on how many people they referred.

Here’s what the pages looked like:

Viral Viral 2
As a result they generated over 100,000 email subscribers in just one week.

2. Exclusives

Gary touched on this in last weeks post (3 Clever Facebook Hacks) so here’s an example of this in action.

InStyle Magazine gave Facebook fans a “behind-the-scenes” look at their cover shoot with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Users simply had to ‘like’ InStyle’s Facebook page for a special sneak peak of the photo shoot.

It looked like this:

This not only helped them generate more likes but also drove visits to their website to view the issue and tease people into wanting to buy it and become a subscriber.

3. Referral

Referrals are without a doubt one of the fastest, easiest and cheapest ways to generate new customers and with social media now the hub for connecting people, creating a social media referral campaign can be a super effective way to generate more customers quickly.

Here’s a few companies who have used this well:

Gilt City ran a referral campaign for Virgin American Airlines and kept the amount of referrals to just 2 to have a chance to win.

In under two weeks they generated 8,000 sign ups, 11,000 new Facebook fans and a few thousand new members. One very interesting takeaway is the top performing fan referred a whopping 61 people!

Another great example of the power of using referrals was by the NHL team St. Louis Blues.  

They run 3 referral campaigns with brand-relevant prizes with one being the chance to win a party room for 30 people to a game.  They generated 20,000 fans and 17,000 email addresses from it.

 Referral 2
4. Deals

Sometimes you don’t have to try and be clever, funny or inventive with your marketing campaigns.  

There’s nothing wrong with having a good old fashion bribe and ask people to like your Facebook page and as a bonus you give them a discount – this was exactly what American Eagle did with one of their campaigns.

They have over 10 million fans so keeping it simple never hurts. 🙂

5. Contest

Now contests are probably one of the most common campaigns you see running across social media.

However, when you get it wrong it can be very costly, but when you get it right, you can quiet quickly generate a surge of sales.  

Doritos in Canada did this and ran a very clever contest to promote a new product called Doritos Roulette.

This new product had one chip hotter than any other in each bag so with ‘Selfies’ being a big craze, they used it to their advantage and asked for people to take a picture of their reaction when eating the hot chip and upload it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hash tag #BurnSelfie and they would be entered for a chance to win up to $3,000 along with daily prizes as well.

Contest 1
This is a very smart way to use a contest to launch a new product.

6. Sign-Ups

Generating sign-ups and leads is an old-school method which has been around for decades but it is still as effective today as it ever has been.  

So if you’re not generating some form of leads in your business, I can pretty much say with absolute certainty you are leaving sales on the table.

Now a company called Suave, used social media as a way to generate leads very well.  

They promoted their hair care line by directing fans to a sign up form where they could get a sample for free.

From this they managed to quickly generate not only email addresses but also mailing addresses (which is gold dust) so they could then follow up and promote their other products, offer coupons and ask them to refer their friends.

Sign Ups
Now that rounds off the 6 most successful social media campaigns we have found.  As you can see all these strategies can be applied to pretty much any business.

So if you have a social media campaign running (which I recommend everyone should have) or are in the process of setting one up, make sure to use these campaigns.

Get your creative hat on and start seeing the power of what social media can do.

I’m confident that you’ll get a massive increase in engagement, exposure and sales because of it.

Ok so that’s it from me today. I hope you enjoyed this article, I’ve really enjoyed writing it for you and I’d love to hear what you think so let me know your thoughts in the comments and if you’ve had any experience with social media.

Talk Soon,
James Michaels



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