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3 Clever Facebook Hacks To Get The
Most Out Of Your Fan Page

Over the past few years, it’s been getting harder and harder to get your message out to your fans on Facebook.

So much so, Facebook even come out and publically said only 16% of your fans, ever see your posts (and that was a couple years back).

Now, this number has been reported to have halved to 8%, which is why people have started to give up on using Facebook altogether.

But All Is Not Lost!

Before you do write off your Facebook page entirely, here are some clever ‘hacks’ to get the most from your fan page and get it in front of your all important fans (customers).

1. Image and Video Posts VS Link Posts

If you want to get the biggest organic exposure from a single post and are just looking to get a message out to your existing fans, then an image or video post is now your best option as Facebook will distribute these types of posts to your fans more than any other.

Whereas a Link post, will only get exposure to the 8% range as Facebook know that people prefer seeing images or videos.

Here’s an example of two posts by KFC, one is a video post and one is a link post. Just have a look at the difference between the likes, shares and comments.

KFC - Link Post KFC - Video Post

TIP: Use link posts when you’re running ads to your website as they get the highest clicks and Facebook will display the post to as many people as you like, as you are paying them.

2. Using Quotes

Facebook users LOVE quotes.  They can be funny ones, inspirational ones, bizarre ones or fact finding ones.  It typically doesn’t matter.

People love quotes and simply by doing one a day, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can generate new fans and increase the interaction you get from your existing ones.

This is such a powerful strategy, that even Facebook have started adopting it on their page.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 17.42.37  

You can have quotes by you, figure heads associated with your industry or sometimes just random ones.  But just by having quotes a couple of times a week or month, it’s a surefire way to build great exposure to your page.

Here are a couple of pages which are using quotes extremely effectively (have a look at how many comments, likes and shares they both have)

  Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 17.39.34 Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 17.35.57

TIP: Keeping your quotes on topic and related to your industry works best.

3. Exclusive Offers for Your Facebook Fans

Giving people something that they can only get for being a fan of your Facebook page is a great incentive for people to interact, engage, comment and share your content.

Try having flash sales, offering special discounts or holding contests only to the people who are your Facebook fans.

The way you do this is you use what’s called a ‘Dark Post’, which is a post that will not appear on your timeline but still allows you to promote it using the ‘Power Editor’ tool to just your fans.

This way anyone who is not a fan of your page can’t see it.

Final Note…

Engagement is truly the currency of Facebook.  By keeping your content purposeful and engaging, you’ll keep your fans happy and a happy fan, equals a buying fan.

So Facebook is still a great place for businesses to boost their exposure, build awareness to their brand and make sales in the process.

It just now takes a bit more work to do (like everything) but by using a combination of organic tactics and paid advertising, you can easily and efficiently keep at the forefront of your customers mind.

I hope you found these ‘hacks’ helpful.  Please share your thoughts below and let’s help everyone get better results using Facebook.

Talk soon,
Gary Michaels

P.S. After hours of testing and tweaking to help our clients produce better results from their Facebook pages, we’ve finally got around to creating one for ourselves. Hurrah!

So it’s well worth being a fan of our page here as you’ll be able to see first hand some of things we’re doing with Facebook (plus you’ll get some killer exclusive offers as well :-))



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