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How Choosing The Right Media Can Double, Triple or Quadruple Your Sales


Over the past few weeks, we have been talking about what is involved in making you stand out from the competition, generate the largest return from your advertising, gain more customers or clients and above all increase your bottom line.

If you’ve missed any of the previous posts, I highly recommend reading them before reading this.

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Now, we are at the final hurdle if you will and is where everything comes together.

You see, this blog post is all about making sure you choose the right media because not all media is right for all businesses.

I see it all the time when business owners are trying to test out a new media, when in fact that media is not even right for their business in the first place.

The thing is, not all media is created equal.

You need to hand pick the best and most appropriate media that will work with both your message AND your business.

A lot of marketing agencies try to sell businesses on applying every kind of media out there.

Instead of helping them strategically distribute their message using the ones which would work best for their business and then focusing on making them ones generate the highest possible return.

And because of this…

In nearly every case I’ve seen, there has always been a media which could be working far better and far more effectively than it currently was due to the business owner having too many things going on and spreading themselves too thin.

You see, most think they need to advertise in the places where they can be seen by as many people as possible, regardless if their message was being seen by the majority who wouldn’t even be interested in their product or service in the first place.

Or they take on the approach of what we call ‘Playing Simon Says’.

The ‘Playing Simon Says’ Approach

We came up with this saying after a late night brain dump session me and Gary had.

We were talking about marketing strategies in general and the lack of it still, despite how competitive everything is nowadays.

And it was at that point when we realised that the strategy (if I can even call it that) which a lot of people adopt is to do the same as all the competition.

It was a great realisation for two very important reasons.

The first reason is that it’s unfortunately true and the second is that this is NOT a strategy at all. It’s simply a hope and faith approach.

You see, how do you know if the competition is making money from a particular magazine ad, or is even tracking sales from it, for that matter.

The simple fact is, you don’t.

And that’s why this is not a strategy, it’s a way lemmings die.

Making the Media Work – For You

So now in previous posts we spoke about the importance of working out your ideal customer demographic.

Well, this is a great time to use that data again when picking the right media.

Here’s why…

You want to get in front of as many of your ideal customers or clients as possible, therefore you need to pick a media where most of them are.

Sounds simple. Right? And it is.

But surprisingly, not many people take the time to think it through like this.

Using the information you gathered from answering the style of questions outlined on identifying your perfect customer, it makes it a whole lot easier to pick the appropriate media and will help you to get more bang for our buck, so to speak.

So let me give you an example,

A self defence/survival equipment company I know, worked out their ideal customer using the strategies we outlined here and found their ideal customers were middle aged men, who were worried that the World would destroy itself and had strong religious beliefs.

I know weird but surprisingly true.

From knowing this, they looked for advertising media’s that would have as close to this demographic as possible and what they found was Christian magazines which had middle aged men as the majority demographic.

So they ran an advert in the magazine and saw the highest ever response they have ever had compared to any other magazine advertisement they had ran.

Now, how would you ever think of running an advert in a Christian magazine to sell self defence/survival equipment if you didn’t know your ideal customers demographic.

The simple answer is, you wouldn’t.

And the fact is, you would be leaving thousands, hundreds of thousands or possibly even millions of pounds on the table when not knowing this kind of information.

Which is why knowing your demographic is so crucial in making a successful marketing campaign.

It’ll produce the highest response in your advertising and above all get you the most amount of customers or clients and earn you the most amount of money that you possible can.

So let me give you two really quick and easy techniques to use to increase the chances of choosing the right media first time round…

1. Media Packs

Grabbing a media pack from your chosen media type is a great starting point.

The great thing about requesting media packs is, 8 times out of 10 they have a section called ‘Audience Demographics’.

2. Facebook

You can go to the advertisers (ie Magazine, Newspaper, Website) Facebook page and have a look and see what kind of people are leaving comments and see whether the data matches up.

Side Tip: If the advertisers have a Facebook page, run your offer to their fans first as this will give you a good idea whether your offer will work with the advertiser before you pay for an ad with them

You’ll be surprised that a few people don’t hide their profiles so you can click on their name and find out what their interests are and how old they are etc.

Sneaky, but very powerful.

So What Now!

This brings us to the end of the four part series on how to successfully create a marketing campaign. 

So if you’re currently running a marketing campaign (which I recommend everyone should be) make sure to have these strategies in place.

It’ll give you a massive increase in response when you do.

I hope you enjoyed this article, I’d love to know what you thought, so please leave me your comments below and if you have any questions please leave them too.

Till next week, Keep learning, keep selling, keep growing.

Talk soon,


James Michaels




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