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The Reason Why Most Businesses Struggle To Get All The Customers They Need While Others Reap Huge Rewards


I speak with many business owners on a regular basis and one of the most common things I hear is “I just don’t know what to do next, I’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work!”

When I hear this, I always ask one simple question which is ‘Have you tried changing your messaging?’ and practically 80% of the time the reply to it, is ‘No’.

It’s crazy! So that’s what I want to talk about in this weeks post, because when you understand this, it opens up a whole new way of thinking.

This is the very first thing we look at when we partner up with a business owner and the first thing we teach our private clients to do to attract more customers or clients so I know you’ll get a lot of this.

You see…

The single biggest way of getting new customers is to have the ability to market and communicate what you do – effectively

Obvious. Right?

But from observing businesses and working with many business owners over the years I’ve realised that unfortunately 99% of business owners have never done any kind of marketing in their business whatsoever.

Let me explain…

It begins with the thought process that starts when a business owner makes the conscious decision and says to himself or herself – “I need to get more customers”.

But what that translates as in their mind is “I need to run some ads”.

So they look for an advertising media that is most convenient or sometimes whichever one takes their fancy on that particular day.

It could be newspaper, flyer, magazine, yellow pages, TV, radio, online or whatever and then they simply run an ad.

Sound familiar? 

To most people, this is the complete process of getting customers and what is considered the ‘Marketing’ element of the business.

But the fact is, this is NOT Marketing by a long shot.


And there’s one really essential – but critical – principle you need to fully understand before you even start advertising.

But the vast majority of business owners never think about it and that is…


Here’s what I mean…

What I’m referring to when I say ‘The messaging’, is the content, the information, the wording you communicate in your advertisement.

That’s what marketing is – it’s the message you communicate in the media and not the media itself.

So let me say that again.

Marketing Is The Message You Communicate IN The Media And NOT The Media Itself

This principle sounds simple and that’s because it is.

But the fact is, not many people grasp it correctly when it comes to using it to get customers or clients.

You see, often once a client of ours has grasped this principle they on average see anywhere from a 4 to 10 times higher response from their advertising efforts.

In the coming weeks I’ll share with you some real world examples of our clients who achieved these kind of responses after changing their messaging.

But for today’s post I want to drill this principal home a bit more as I think it is the key to unlocking a huge amounts of sales.

So let me ask you this…

Think back to the last advertisement or marketing piece you created for your business. What was it? A newspaper ad, flyer, brochure, website, TV ad, Radio spot?

Now here’s the question… 

How much money did you pay to have the messaging of that advertisement strategically created and formulated to ensure maximum results?

That’s what I thought, you paid nothing, right?

99.9% of the time, you only paid to have the advertisement produced or designed, or you paid for the advertising spot or print cost.

The messaging was usually just thrown together as an after thought by the designer, the production team or the advertising media company who were going to run your ad for you.

Think about it.

The most important element of your marketing material – the messaging – was put together for FREE by people who usually have no idea how to create a compelling message anyway and most probably cut and pasted some generic information they found from your website or brochure.

When you think of marketing, you need to start thinking about your message – don’t think of the media first – think of the messaging.

It’s the very first thing you always should concentrate on before you even consider running any advertisement.

So whatever ad you’re thinking of running today, this week or this month, spend most of your time thinking about the messaging and you’ll more than likely get more sales.

From the quick scroll of this weeks blog post, it looks long enough so I’ll leave it here.

Next week we’ll continue on from this and show you the first thing you should think about when it comes to creating a compelling message.

As always it’s been a pleasure writing this for you, hope you like it and by all means please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Keep Advertising, Keep Selling, Keep Growing.

Talk soon,
Gary Michaels




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