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The Best Way To Get Customers Using Facebook


We are all looking to get new customers or clients and its the constant cycle that happens in business.

And the latest ‘craze’ going on right now is Social Media, and one in particular is Facebook.

Everyone has become obsessed with Social Media and whenever you talk to people they say, “My business is on all the social media sites, I’ve got X amount of fans”.

They put it at the bottom of their email footer, on their business cards, website, flyers, ads, their commercial vehicles and practically EVERYWHERE they can think of.

And it’s become kind of a competition between business owners of ‘Who’s Got The Biggest?’ (get your mind out of the gutter guys, lol) I’m talking about who’s got the biggest number of FANS.

Now, don’t get me wrong, having a big fan base on Facebook is good as it builds trusts and good for social proof.

But the thing is, if you want to use Facebook as a tool to generate sales…

Getting ‘Fans’ Shouldn’t Be Your SOLE Strategy

Let me explain…

According to new tests Facebook now only show your new posts to JUST 6.51% of your fans.

Here’s a chart showing of the decline over the last couple of years….

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 14.41.56

This now makes the reach of your posts no longer as effective as it once was. 

Facebook have be saying for a long time now NOT to make the sole focus of your Facebook marketing about building likes (but nobody listened).

So the move to only show your post to a small amount of your fans has been on the cards for some time now and Facebook have a good reason for doing it.

With them now having 1.2 BILLION active users, if they showed all post to 100% of fans people’s news feeds would be massively overloaded.

So ‘Likes’ should now be considered as a by-product of your Facebook marketing campaigns, so…

What’s The Best Way To Approach Facebook Now?

Well, first you can no longer think about getting FREE traffic from Facebook.

Them good old days have come and gone, just like Google back in the day (if you still think SEO traffic is free, think again – your time is money).

Now, the best root to get new customers from Facebook is to run some ads, so yes, you will need to spend money, but in business nothing is free.

So with that said…

Let me give you some pointers we’ve found out from our testing as it’s fairly easy to run up quiet a substantial bill if you don’t keep an eye on it (don’t ask me how I know, lol).

First and for most, when you advertise on Facebook ONLY go for leads or a low ticket purchase (under £20, so it’s an impulse buy).

Reason being, people generally are not in the frame of mind to buy big ticket items when they are on Facebook, so start off with a lead or low ticket purchase and work your way after they become a customer.

The Best Ad’s To Use When Starting Off?

Here are 4 quick pointers that will give you the best chance of running a successful Facebook campaign.

1. When you first run ads, start off by running news feed ads.

Specifically the ‘unpublished’ ones which you can create in the ‘Power Editor’ tool.

Now, you can use the ‘Promoted Post’ button to boost your ‘public’ post to your fans.

But this isn’t ideal to use when getting NEW people as you don’t have as much control over your ad like the power editor tool gives you.

2. For your Ad type, the ad that gets the most clicks is the ‘Link Ads’ as it has a big picture and text which are all clickable.

Plus it allows you to send people directly to your website, rather than another page on Facebook.

3. When it comes to targeting this is where your campaign is won or lost.

So make sure you do your research and find very targeted interests that you know your customers like.

It might be a magazine they like reading or possibly even another business they like, but whatever you do, do your research first, it will pay off.

4. Now, when you get comfortable with running ads on Facebook there are a few advanced things you can start doing.

One which is working really well right now is to upload your customer database and run ads to them to sell more of your stuff.

OR another way to use your customer database which is working extremely well is to tell Facebook to put your ads in front of people who are similar to the people on your database.

When you do this, Facebook will go out and find people as similar to the people who are on your customer database making the likelihood of them liking what you have to offer, EXTREMELY HIGH!

Now, there are so many more ways you can use Facebook but it’ll take far too long to write in this article (and it’s already getting a bit long as it is) so…

Is Facebook Worth Using Anymore?

With all the changes happening in Facebook which is making it increasingly more difficult to use it as a FREE marketing tool, many people are wanting to boycott it altogether and when I heard this I looked at it as GOOD news.

You see, for the business owners who are willing to make that little bit of extra effort to understand how to use Facebook and fork out a bit of money in order to use it, are going to be the ones who will benefit the most. 

So hopefully this article has helped you see how powerful Facebook can be and how much you can do when advertising on there.

Plus I’m also hearing from the grapevine that they’ve got some even more cooler ad products still to come :-).

So with that said, if you’re not using Facebook to get new customers, you’re seriously missing out.

Remember the pointers in this article and give it a go.

If you have any questions then by all means just leave your comment below and I’ll try and help as much as possible.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this article.

Talk Soon,

Gary Michaels







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